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​AWITEL update
November 2023 Newsletter

What we did this year:

As the end of the year gets closer, We find ourselves looking back on what we did over the last 365 days, and what will be our roadmap and focus  in 2024.

 2024 FOCUS
 Electronic & Networking products (Server, Router,
Switch, PC, Laptop, passive and active network element)
o    RF Antennas (Panel, Canister, Small Cell, Indoor, Microwave and special applications) 
o    RF Combiner / Diplexer / Triplexer /Filter 
o    Test equipment
o    Enclosures
o    Rectifier, Inverter, Converter
o    Battery and Battery monitoring system
o    SFP, SFP+, QSFP,100G-SFP, etc.

 Mobile Network infrastructure deployment 
o    Drive test,
o    Equipment installation
o    5G RAN’s new feature testing, E2E feature testing
o    Private Cloud deployment
, management and administration (VmWare environment, RedHat Open Shift)
o    Public Cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)



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